Monday, September 28, 2015

Malaysia Airlines, Flight Delays and Announcement.

Due to the bad weather in Kuching International Airport today, my 1105hrs flight was delayed to 1340hrs ETD. Before leaving home for the airport, I checked flight status on their official Twitter, their Facebook page and their website but no announcement of changes were made on any of these platforms. So to the airport I went. Seeing the herds, I asked my mother to wait for me to confirm my flight schedule. Oh well, as expected, the flight was delayed. 

Seeing families with little kids and old members, I am truly appalled that Malaysia Airlines failed to inform passengers of the changes via these platforms let alone sending SMS or email which we have provided during flight bookings. So, what's the point of filling the data if they can't even send an SMS blast? 
I don't blame the passengers who yelled and kept pestering the ground staff because the clients were in complete dark. Imagine how much money have to be spent in the airport for food (as no meal coupon were given, at least for my flight) and the overcrowded parking space. Oh. There was a traffic police officer on duty giving parking tickets for yellow line parked cars. 

I expect a lot from Malaysia Airlines as it is a world class airline. If Easyjet, one of Europe low-cost airline can SMS blast their flight changes (also due to the weather; it was a heavy snow for Geneva to Brussels), what excuse does Malaysia Airlines have?

Come on, you can do better.