Monday, September 29, 2014

Tips: How To Travel For Free

Have you met someone who dislikes free things? No? Me neither. 

Free stuffs normally attract commoners like us. It is a no-brainer that each time any airline announces Free Seat or 0 fare promotion, we will always end up at their famous 'Waiting Room' at the first two hours. Trust me, I've been there. 

I've traveled for free numerous times thanks to the power of the internet and believe me, when it's free, it's so cool! All I have to do is to think of how much money I have to convert for the dining and shopping at CIMB/RHB Bureau de Change at the airport. 
Social media kings and queens, you all have my thanks from my heart for keeping us in the know. 
So this time, I would like to return the favour by sharing the good news from Singapore Airlines' frequent flyer programme: KrisFlyer. They have an ongoing promotion where you just need to like their Facebook page, pick your dream destination (ohhh so many choices!) and you will double your chances to #winkrisflyermiles when you sign up to their frequent flyer programme. 

Easy easy.
I hope one of you wins because Singapore Airlines is well-knowned for their 5 stars service.