Sunday, September 14, 2014

CONQUERED- 24hours: Mulu, Sarawak

Well, well. One thing with getting stuffs done 4 days prior to the departure is that you really don't have any idea what you are doing and absolutely no time of other preparation apart buying the tickets and calling few guesthouses/lodges for the 2D1N stay.

Day 1
Took the Miri (MYY)- Mulu (MZB) ATR72-200 flight at 0920hours. The flight lasted 30 minutes with a Milo served.

Upon arrival we were greeted with local taxi drivers. It was too hot for a walk to where we stayed so we decided to pay RM5 per person to the hostel. 

We leave our bags in the hostel and went to the Park Office to register ourselves and pay entrance fee. Since we weren't prepared at all, we just asked the officers to explain what are the things we should do while we were there in less than 24 hours. We decided to do the Canopy Skywalk and the Caves Tour. You are obliged to have a tour guide for each of these two visits. 

We started with the Canopy Skywalk at 1030hours of which cost us RM40 per person and took us about 2 hours. I don't recommend this as it was super expensive and just a so-so experience. You get to walk on the canopy that claimed to be the longest in the world (?) and view the world from above )10-15 metres high. That's all. 

We came back for lunch at the lodge and for a short siesta. We ordered special nasi goreng (RM12, 5/5) and chilled soft drinks at RM3 each. 

We went back to the Park HQ for the Caves Tour at 14oohours. It lasted for 2 hours and 30 minutes to cover the Lang's and Deer Caves. We didn't wait for the Bat Exodus since we aren't really a fan so we went back to the Park Office on our own. This tour costs us RM25 per person. Acceptable fee and a must do.

We had our dinner at Café Mulu where they served a variety of menus. From western to local. We tried Kolo Mee (RM7), local café(RM3) and Paku leaves (S/L: RM 5/7). All were delicious. 

My recommendation: Take Caves Tour, don't wait for the bats and go for the Sunset Boat Tour (RM50) instead. The Boat Tour starts at 5.30pm for 1hour and 30 minutes boat ride. 

Day 2
Have fun at nearby clearwater river.

Mulu River Lodge review

Initially we wanted to stay at D'Cave Homestay but they didn't responded to our email and phone calls. We found this lodge by accident and so lucky they said they have vacant beds on our travel date. It was a good accident since the Lodge is located practically in front of the Park Entrance (where the jewels are) so you need not have to take the shuttle every time or walking under the sun. 
It was at RM35 per person with a simple American breakfast. Not for choosy travellers though as the parquets are quiet noisy when someone heavy and indiscreet walks on them. The toilets are minimal. No hot shower. Electricity is only available from 5.30pm-11.30pm.

In general, I would say, not bad for such an aucune idée moment. Yes, everyone should come and experience this one of a kind World Heritage Site. Go Mulu.