Thursday, July 30, 2015


Here's a shout out to marvellous, superb close friends who travel miles; on overnight bus, long train rides, early morning flights, driving under torrential rain just to have a coffee. 
And those who took pictures anytime they came across anything that reminds them of us.
Very cool!

To new acquaintances, who crossed our paths with incredible stories, ideas and inspirations, who restored our faith in humanity, all of you are just brilliant.
Gotta agree on Ban Ki-moon about friendship here cause we experienced first hands the kindness of strangers in all continents now! One can always be so lucky! 

 Gave access to her room after checked out, paid for coffee while waiting for the rain to go, accompanied to walk and visit places, paid for bus rides, waited for midnight bus.
 Opened doors to their mansion with good food.
 Accompanied to visit places, paid for bus rides, waited for the bus to leave, paid tips to bus chauffeur and provide humble inspirations to just be kind.
 Paid for expensive site fee, paid for lunch and gave good laugh.
 Provided insights in truly the golden, humble way. 
A whole gang of youngsters from four countries, provide recipe and taught how to prepare hot drinks for cold weather and share so many reasons why we travel. 

And many more!

The world is our classroom. Thank You for the lucky encounters, more please.